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About Us

At The Lash Inc. we pride ourselves on quality. Our luxury line of eyelashes are all 100% handmade using sterile, premium, cruelty free human hair, silk and synthetic blends. Our philosophy is to make high quality lashes sold by the leading beauty brands, more accessible for women.

After extensive market research, The Lash Inc. has designed a range of eyelashes based on the most popular looks in the beauty industry. The lashes are extremely flexible and fine, to fit any eye shape using a technique called ‘Crisscross Layering’. Most eyelashes are made with a clear strip and others using a fine black strip.

Behind The Brand

Sonia Khera, Co- Founder and Creative Director of The Lash Inc. was on a mission to not only make women look their best but also feel their best. Sonia personally travelled around the world researching the lash industry, and created a line of easy to wear, popular lash styles to flatter all eye shapes.

“Enhancing the eyes can make a huge difference in our beauty regimes. I want women to feel at their very best wearing our lashes. It’s very important for women to feel confident, and I believe wearing quality products plays a huge role in this. ”